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TV Besties Who Should Have Dated

September 2nd, 2011 · 3 Comments · Celebrity, closeted, Gay dating, Gay sex, LGBT, Uncategorized


We all love to see a happy ending. If we didn’t, then Nicholas Sparks wouldn’t be as rich as Donald Trump by now. Alright, that may be an exaggeration, but after The Notebook, Dear John and A Walk To Remember, his wallet can’t be that far behind. That’s why at the end of a series, you always see the guy and the girl end up happily ever after. That’s nice and all, but what about all the gay viewers who are still holding onto a little shred of hope that the guy was going to realize at the alter he was really in love with his best friend, and they were the ones left happily ever after?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m gay, or because I’m a sappy hopeless romantic, but I’m always wanting something more for the BFFs in shows. I mean, Shawn and Corey were perfect for each other! Why did they not get married?!

Despite the fact that these characters haven’t even so much as been on a first date, I’m still waiting for them to announce the wedding. These BFFs should have ended up together!

Chuck & Morgan
Who doesn’t love couples that have a really, really tall Twink and a really, really short bear? If them talking about their feelings 24/7 wasn’t reason enough for them to be together, the size of the smile on Morgan’s face while he was taking semi-nude pictures of Chuck in bed sleeping makes me think that they’d have one hell of a good relationship.

Castiel & Dean
You can’t tell me that when Dean slept with an angel in the episode where Cass and Dean got in that explosive, low-blow fight, he wasn’t imagining it was Cass the entire time. They’d have the prettiest (and most bad ass) babies in the world.

E & Vince
Every time I see that scene in The Notebook when Noah asks Ally who she sees herself being with in 15 years, it always reminds me of the scenes where E and Vince talk about their futures together. They talk about being together more than two high school kids who are leaving for university!

Ryan & Seth
I don’t see why Marissa got to have her gay dating experience and these two were left silently pining over each other for 4 seasons…

Nate & Dan
It’s been widely rumored that these two (plus Chuck) have gotten it on offscreen while rooming together for the last few year. I can almost guarantee their place is filled with home made sex tapes of the three of them. Why can’t we get a soft-core version of that action on screen?!

Troy & Abed
Tory and Abed in the mooorning! Shouldn’t be the name of their fake morning show, it should be title of the scene where they wake up in each others arms after a night of steamy passion. Right? Right?!

Will & Jack
Now, I admit, I haven’t seen the last season of Will and Grace yet. When they announced that it was ending, I was so depressed that I couldn’t face watching the show, so I don’t actually know if they ended up together or not, but if they didn’t, then something went really wrong in that writers room!

Turk & JD
I mean… Come on. They’re obviously gay! My gaydar goes off the charts when these two are together. It’s so obvious!

Zack & Slater
They already have the cute lovebird nicknames picked out with ‘Preppy’ and ‘Meathead.’ How did no one catch onto that sexual tension?! They were constantly ready to tear each others clothes off.

Dawson & Pacey
If I have to explain to you why these two should be together, then you’re an idiot and I want you off my blog.
…Alright, that was a little harsh. But you and I will need to get together so we can watch my DVD box set of Dawson’s Creek to set you straight. Or… Set you gay, I suppose.

Dawesond didn't give a fuck that Joey picked Pacey. He was sad that Pacey didn't pick him.

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